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Category:Lighting - OutdoorsLocation:Salt Lake City, United StatesDesigner:RAB Lighting Inc., Salt Lake City, United StatesManufacturer:RAB Lighting Inc., Salt Lake City, United States

W34 is a low-profile, exterior wall light; designed to replace bulky traditional wall-packs with a refined solution. W34 boasts an optimized form and innovative installation process, while addressing environmental concerns.

W34 is designed to mimic a traditional, glass-front wall pack but with a new ultra-low profile. This design boasts a 60% reduction in depth compared to legacy products. Moreover, no other wall packs on the market are as thin as W34’s current design. W34 assists in an overall reduction of the company’s carbon footprint. This is accomplished by decreasing overall product size, which lessens resource consumption in manufacturing and shipping.

On average, the brand’s new products are 43% smaller and 42% lighter than previous generations. Per year, this saves 85 tons of CO2, and 2130 tons of aluminum—enough material to produce 30 Bowing-747 planes! To further reduce product SKUs, W34 is field-adjustable; a single product can meet a wider variety of consumer needs with three selectable wattages and color temperatures. Field adjustment offers consumers the option to consume less energy by selecting a lower power option.

For added sustainability, W34 is shipped with recycled cardboard boxes. W34’s packaging contains no EPE foam or plastic bags. Instead, pulp and composite fillers are used, and nonwoven, bamboo fiber fabric. Due to its compact form, W34 requires less packaging and can be transported more efficiently by shipping more product per container.

To help further reduce material usage, the installation instructions for W34 are accessed digitally, via QR code. The product itself is made with sustainability-driven materials. The aluminum housing and glass lens are highly recyclable. Even the light emitted by W34 has environmental impacts in mind: W34’s tiered reflector drives light down instead of out, reducing up-light.

W34’s design focuses on creating an ideal installation experience. Installers can easily unfasten the top latches and hinge it open. W34 has tethers which support the lens so technicians have both hands free for making wiring connections. After wiring, the product is hinged closed and locked into position again by the top latches. This innovative toolless design is revolutionary for products of this category. The entire install process is simplified for minimal, intuitive steps which saves time for the installer and reduces overall labor costs.

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