Silo Sofa | 2024

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Category:Furniture - SeatingLocation:Porto, PortugalDesigner:Joaquim Portela Arquitetos, Porto, PortugalManufacturer:Joaquim Portela Arquitetos, Porto, Portugal

The Silo Series presents a furniture line designed for the Portuguese Language Museum. The museum, due to its various programmatic units, requires a multifaceted furniture design, with this sofa specifically designed to allow its use throughout the building.

The Silo Sofa is the result of a quest for harmony between comfort and elegance. Its structure is made of just one material: hard maple wood, which provides a natural finish, lending robustness and elegance to the sofa’s frame. Meanwhile, the fabric cushions offer the necessary comfort demanded by this furniture piece.

The combination of durability and innovative design allows for the use of this sofa in a wide range of environments. The pursuit of a balanced relationship among the various elements that compose it required constant control over dimensions and the formal relationship between them.

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