Tomo Ceiling Lights | 2023

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Category:Lighting - CeilingLocation:Salt Lake City, United StatesDesigner:RAB Lighting Inc., Salt Lake City, United StatesManufacturer:RAB Lighting Inc., Salt Lake City, United States

TOMO is a commercial linear lighting solution, designed to combine the performance of a standard “wrap” light with the architectural appeal of high-end linear lighting. TOMO features an innovative form and installation process. TOMO addresses environmental concerns and is a flagship for a new market category.

TOMO’s form is distilled to its essence—an elegant housing and two, innovative “wings”, which replace a traditional lens assembly. These wings are edge-lit, which introduces a new lighting system to the commercial, linear-lighting category. The edge-lit design reduces the fixture’s size and contributes to a modern aesthetic. To allow for up-light, TOMO’s wings feature a dot matrix pattern which allows 30% of the light to filter upwards and reflects the rest downward. TOMO’s design marks a paradigm shift in the product category in both form and function.

TOMO is designed to install as quickly and easily as possible—reducing labor time and cost. This is accomplished with tool-less opening and installation. To open the product, TOMO’s top housing slides a half inch horizontally and pops off. The cover remains tethered to the main body with steel cables—remaining open for easy mounting and trouble-free wiring access. This is a major departure from archetypal designs, which required multiple tools to open, mount, and re-assemble a fixture. Moreover, with a specialty quick-connect adapter, continuous-run mounting is a breeze: only the first fixture of the run needs to be wired—the rest connect to the first!

To minimize environmental impacts, TOMO is optimized for size and part count. By reducing the overall size of the product and eliminating a traditional lens assembly with the edge-lit design, TOMO uses less resources in production and shipping.

TOMO is robust which cuts service requirements, repairs, and the need for replacement products in the future. Material selection for the fixture also reflects environmental efforts. TOMO’s end caps are made with post-consumer recycled plastic. And the product’s stamped steel is strong while using less. This steel frame is power coated, which preserves recyclability and is more sustainable than water-borne paints.

TOMO fills a market gap by bringing elements of European design and a luxurious feel to the American market. TOMO offers customers a refined solution, with peak performance, and superior longevity—no one else is offering such quality and style within its market bracket.

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