Aerobay Ceiling Lighting | 2024

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Category:Lighting - Ceiling Location:Salt Lake City, United StatesDesigner:RAB Lighting Inc., Salt Lake City, United StatesManufacturer:RAB Lighting Inc., Salt Lake City, United States

AEROBAY is a commercial high bay lighting solution, designed to combine the performance of a standard “high bay” light with the architectural appeal of high-end lighting. TOMO features an optimized form and installation process and addresses environmental concerns.

The design of AEROBAY was optimized for size and weight. AEROBAY is both smaller and lighter than the product it replaces. This product assists in an overall reduction of the company’s carbon footprint. On average, the brand’s new products are 43% smaller and 42% lighter than previous generations. Per year, this saves 85 tons of CO2, and 2130 tons of aluminum—enough material to produce 30 Bowing-747 planes!

Sustainability was a significant consideration when selecting production and shipping materials for AEROBAY. The fixture’s body is made from powder coated, extruded aluminum. This was selected for a simple manufacturing process, highly recyclable metal. And a finish which is more eco-friendly than water-borne paints. The plastic parts on AEROBAY are made with post-consumer plastics.

AEROBAY is shipped with recycled cardboard boxes, and packaging which contains no EPE foam or plastic bags. Instead, pulp and composite fillers are used, and nonwoven, bamboo fiber fabric. Due to its reduced size, AEROBAY requires less packaging material and can be transported more efficiently by shipping more product per container. To further minimize material usage, the installation instructions for AEROBAY are accessed digitally, via QR code.

AEROBAY is designed to be robust; eliminating replacement parts and fixtures. The mounting system v-hooks are permanently attached for maximum security. For longevity of the product’s sensitive internal components, AEROBAY has an innovative thermal management design: separating the body from the illuminated “wings” allows for optimal airflow and cooling.

Finally, AEROBAY’s design focuses on creating an ideal installation experience. This process simplifies and reduces steps which saves time for the installer and reduces overall labor costs. Part of AEROBAY’s installation involves an innovative pendant mount accessory. The pendant mount adapter has an added feature for longer SKUs of the product: an integrated and adjustable counterweight, which balances the fixture when additional sensors or emergency batteries are added to the product.

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