T(h)reeD Floor Lighting | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Lighting - CeilingLocation:Bolzano, ItalyDesigner:Studiooberhauser, Bolzano, ItalyManufacturer:Ginger Additive, San Maurizio al Lambro, Italy

“T(h)reeD is a Christmas tree designed with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation, utilizing 3D printing technology and recycled transparent plastic. It features a built-in LED lighting system with remote-controlled color options, adding a customizable aspect to its display.

The design of the T(h)reeD is modular, consisting of five components that can be easily assembled to create a cohesive structure. This modular nature not only contributes to the tree’s visual appeal but also its practicality, making it portable and simple to set up in various locations.

The transparent material of the tree serves as a medium for the LED lights, allowing for a vivid display of colors that can enhance the surrounding space. The ability to adjust these colors remotely enables users to modify the atmosphere according to their preferences.

In terms of environmental impact, the T(h)reeD’s use of recycled plastics aligns with efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability. This approach to construction offers an alternative to traditional holiday decorations that are often not eco-friendly.”

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