Michigan Chaise Longue | 2015

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - Urban FurnitureLocation: Kalamazoo, United StatesDesigner:Landscape Forms, Kalamazoo, United StatesManufacturer:Designworks (a BMW Group Company), Munich, Germany

The chaise longue MICHIGAN is the expression of AREA’s essential idea : in an ever-densified city, public space will be considered as an extension of living spaces. Therefore AREA is dedicated since its creation in 1987, to making sure that the urban furniture gets the same level of comfort and sitting options as home furniture.

The chaise longue MICHIGAN like the rest of our chairs, tables and low tables, is the realisation of the idea of INSIDE/OUTSIDE. The shift of furniture from private space to public space, will gradually make people feel at home in their city.

Why is it so? Because as society reflects on mobility policies, they consider essential to also reflect on « static facilities ». They provide the sole solution to have a break in the hectic rhythm of the city.

The chaise longue MICHIGAN goes even beyond, with a new option for citizens : it is not only having a break but also having a rest in the city. The shape and design is an evident evocation of garden furniture combined with the necessary resistance intended to public spaces. It is to the traditional bench what the bicycle is to motorised transportation. It brings a new pacified perception of time and space.

The chaise longue MICHIGAN is 100% sustainable, recyclable, timeless, robust and low-tech, it brings togetherness and forms bonds between people. The main goal of our street furniture is to promote human connexion. It must create opportunities to establish relationships, overcome loneliness, and ultimatley improve wellbeing. For over 40 years, they have tirelessly observed the city and its mutations, they are now absolutely convinced that the only prevailing social network is Human.

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