2-6 Chair | 2021

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - ChairsLocation:Seoul, South KoreaDesigner:Lee Jong In, Seoul, South KoreaManufacturer:Lee Jong In, Seoul, South Korea

“What makes a good chair? As always this question is agonize before I make the chair.
A good chair for me is comfortable when I sit down, and exist as an object itself.
A person should feel and appear natural when sat and to achieve this I endeavour to bring relationship between different parts such as the backrest, the armrest and the seat.

The organic flow from the backrest to the armrest and to the seat sets the aesthetic language. The flow creates negative space within the chair itself, which forms a relation with the space between the space outside. The legs are joined in an angle to do the structural job, preventing the chair from leaning forward.”

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