Tavoloso! Table | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - TablesLocation:Florence (FI), ItalyDesigner:trenti.design, Florence (FI), ItalyManufacturer:Casapitti, Anselmo, Montespertoli (FI), Italy

Tavoloso! introduces a new concept of an extendable table, avoiding complex mechanisms and on-board extensions, making the latter furnishing elements protagonists of one’s home space.

Casapitti’s Tavoloso! can be extended in four different ways, two in length and two in width, arriving at a perfectly square table, which can be enjoyed both at lunches and dinners and in the work environment as a large meeting table.

Simply by rotating the special supports hidden under the top and positioning the extensions, the desired extension is achieved.

The extensions can be stored wherever desired, hung on the wall they can create a decorative composition. If covered in appropriate fabric, they can also have a sound-absorbing function, or they can be shown on a display that acts as a separé. Extensions can be made on request using various types of materials, wood, plastic, metal, leather and fabric.

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