Explode Storage | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - StorageLocation:Florence (FI), ItalyDesigner:trenti.design, Florence (FI), ItalyManufacturer:Casapitti, Anselmo, Montespertoli (FI), Italy

EXPLODE has an original shape.

The name is meant to recall the exploded view, the three-dimensional drawing that is done to explain how an object is constructed.

In this case, the cabinet, conceived as a modular sideboard, appears as a box whose sides recede from the edges, leaving a gap, with the illusion of their suspension in the air.
EXPLODE is versatile.

There is no need for handles, because the doors, can be opened by inserting the hand into the wide grooves; the closing of the doors is soft-closing, while for the upper ones, it is done gradually with the help of a piston system.

We have front doors, side doors and doors on the upper surface, so the sideboard has accessible compartments on 4 sides.

The three kinds of compartments are designed to accommodate objects of different volume and frequency of use. The upper compartments are low and therefore suitable for housing flat objects such as towels and cutlery. The side compartments, on the other hand, are designed for vertically developed objects such as glasses and bottles.

EXPLODE is customizable.

The surfaces of all doors can be decorated or finished in a variety of ways, for example with a themed digital graphic, in lacquered wood or left natural, in fabric, leather or metal. The attached images show two versions with doors covered in Laminam Terracotta porcelain stoneware, with three-dimensionally sculpted MDF, and with PET recycled plastic in various colors.

EXPLODE is modular.

It starts with a minimum size of two DX and SX modules, Inserting a center module gives a three-door version. By inserting more center modules you can build an even longer sideboard, as long as you want!

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