Swan Dining | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - ChairsLocation:Ciudad de Mexico, MexicoDesigner:Senosiain Arquitectos, Ciudad de Mexico, MexicoManufacturer:Marilú Martínez, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

The swan for its graceful shape has been always related to the royalty and big temples. The Greeks consecrated to Apolo, a symbol of harmony and beauty. Their limitation for singing were compared to the singing birds despite that they were considered musical deity.

“Swan Lake”, music composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky for ballet a master piece full delicate, armonic and strong changes, based on the story “The Stolen Veil” by Johann Karl August Musäus
Nature shapes adapted ergonomic to the human body. Altogether it reminds us of a family of swans living together on a lake.

Through double curvature surfaces stylized, the silhouette and movement are represented, resembling the elegance and grace of the swan sliding in the water.

The creative process started with sketches and clay models, a reinterpretation of the swan’s anatomy. 3D models printed were done for stability and its gravity centre; after that a wood prototype was made to be the mold of the production in glass fiber and aluminium.

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