Drumm Bar Stool | 2024

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Category:Furniture - ChairsLocation:Sausalito, United StatesDesigner:Deap Design LLC., Sausalito, United StatesManufacturer:Deap Design LLC., Sausalito, United States

The barstool is made entirely with sustainable materials. The seat is molded in 100 % cork, and is the same part throughout the collection. The legs are made in ash and the structure connecting the legs is a set of two identical cast aluminum frames. The lower frame serves as the footrest, and the upper frame serves as the support for the cork seat.

The Drumm stool design is based on a playful idea for a low stacking stool. The wavy contour of the stool’s seat allows for compact stacking of the low stools with the legs creating a spiraling pattern as each stool is added on top.

The center hole makes it easy to pick up and creates a recognizable visual. When stacked, the seats will form a vertically fluted texture reminiscent of Doric columns. Just like the ancient columns, the vertical lines will draw the eye away from the seams between each layer.

Although the barstool doesn’t stack in the same compact way, it keeps the Doric inspiration and is using the same cork seat and aluminum frames.

The cork is 3-1/8 thick with a slightly dished top surface which makes for a very comfortable seat. The cast aluminum foot ring has a wide and smooth top surface to be comfortable even when barefoot.

Three color options are offered; Natural, White washed and Black stained.

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