BEND Coffee Table | 2023

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Category:Furniture - TablesLocation:Ghent, BelgiumDesigner: Jan Goderis Design Lab, Ghent, BelgiumManufacturer: Jan Goderis Design Lab, Ghent, Belgium

The table is made of two bended aluminium plates which fit together. When put together, the plates extend all the way to the legs. This gives a certain transparency and lightness to the design and a vertical storage is created for magazines, newspapers, plaid… In between the two top plates there is also the possibility of storage at both sides of the table.

Aluminium was chosen as the material because it is easily recyclable. An ecological process was chosen for painting where the mist is reused. The sculptural form of the table engages with its surroundings.

The inspiration was very basic. From the idea of creating a flowing 2-dimensional line design to a 3-dimensional table that can be made out of 1 sheet, metal or wood. And where the shape of the line can incorporate the essential elements for a coffee table, namely an outlet, supports (legs) and storage without becoming banal. Translated from an ordinary continuous line. The fluid continuous line gives a sculptural aspect to the table, which is in dialogue with its surrounding and user.

The basis of the design is a smooth continuous line. When folding certain parts, cracks appeared. This was solved by choosing a different aluminium alloy and heating it when folding. It also sought to split the table into two parts so that it could be easily assembled and transportable. By making a separate top and bottom top, with a connection joint on the sides, and fit together with invisible pins. For the top, two wooden beams are glued in the middle. Both parts are invisibly connected at the bottom with a few screws.

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