Pill Desk | 2024

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - DesksLocation:Milano (MI), ItalyDesigner:Anna-Pia Slothower Manufacturer:Deap Design LLC., Sausalito, United States

The Pill desk is designed to bring out curiosity and playfulness. The bold silhouette is an invitation to sit down and write notes, be creative, have a notebook and pencil in your hand.

The desk is meant to sit in open space interiors, as part of living areas or a home office which is part of other living spaces.

The idea was to replace the typical construction of drawers sliding within a box. Instead, the drawers become the outside form, pivoting around an interior frame.

The four round drawers of the desk turn outward around a pivot point at the front of each base. They close with a magnet hidden at the back of the drawer and open with a tap of the knee from the inside.

The desk top has a metal-lined cut-out for a cable (for a laptop or lamp), and can also receive a custom LED desk lamp in painted or brushed aluminum.

A bendable version of high-grade plywood was the seed that started the idea for the Pill collection. It allowed for the pill shaped and round drawers to be realized in an economical way, and without interior structures. Both pieces (there is also dresser) have been built in hardwood as fully functioning prototypes.

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