Elke Ceiling Lighting | 2024

PD24 Winner

Category:Lighting - CeilingLocation:Montreal, CanadaDesigner:Eureka Design Team, Montreal, CanadaManufacturer:Eureka Lighting Inc., Montreal, Canada

Aesthetics for Elke were inspired by the Color Field painting movement of the 1950s, where artists experimented with the power of color in large areas.

Available in thirty decorative colors and multiple sizes, Elke features eight acoustic felt panels that radiate from a central globe diffuser. The luminaire makes a statement while helping to reduce ambient noise.

Designers can get creative by clustering colors and sizes to produce a bespoke aesthetic in a vast space. An unlit version is also available for additional sound absorption. The luminaire is intended for a variety of open spaces such as lobbies, transition spaces, open work areas, conference rooms, school common areas, libraries, or reception areas.

Elke brings an aesthetic close to the classic shade form. Its vertical profile is well suited to large expanses and high ceiling spaces. The luminaire is offered in three heights: 18.19”, 27.28”, and 36.82.

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