Santorini Dining Table | 2022

PD24 Winner

Category:FurnitureLocation:New York, United StatesDesigner:Lee F. Mindel, SheltonMindel, New York, United States Manufacturer: RALPH PUCCI International, New York, United States

‘Veritas’ is a collection of plasterglass furniture that represents the political and design democracy of America by embracing its diverse cultural references. The collection is designed by Lee F. Mindel for Ralph Pucci International.

Ralph Pucci International was ‘the’ destination of the mannequin business for the past forty years.

Changes in the retail business meant a reduction in the production of mannequins but gave the skilled craftsmen at Pucci a unique opportunity to apply their proprietary plaster glass technique to a different art form.

During COVID, Pucci invited us to be an artist in residence and collaborate with their craftsmen to develop a new application for plaster glass. In question was this material’s potential for plasticity.

The images chosen in this collection called ‘Veritas’, represent both a political and a design democracy embracing the diverse cultures that make up America.

Whether it’s the Californian Sequoia-inspired floor lamps, Giverny water lilies-inspired low tables, Venetian bridge-inspired Rialto table, or the texture inspired by the Greek Architecture of Santorini – the designs showcase an architectural and visceral representation of different parts of the world and America to create unique iconic plaster glass furniture that has been hand sculpted on 18th Street, in the City of New York.

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