Dif Lamp | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Lighting - FloorLocation:Bankgok, ThailandDesigner:Taras Zheltyshev, Yoomoota, Bankgok, ThailandManufacturer:Yoomoota, Bankgok, Thailand

Through Dif, a person gets acquainted with immune cells: the spherical shapes of the new luminaire resemble blood cells, and the tubes leading to them – the vascular system through which they move.

It was necessary to make the processes hidden from human gaze in the human body visible and understandable in the Dif.

Metal and glass are often used to make lamps. In my work, my main task was to convey the idea, and basic materials turned out to be the most suitable for this.

Glass provides the necessary diffusion of light, metal gives stability and strength of the structure. The design Itself implies a stable geometric figure that holds the glass lamp balls.

The lamp emits warm yellow light, perfectly suitable for reading and relaxation. This type of light, due to its low intensity and soft glow (3000K), has a calming effect on individuals.

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