Donut Stool | 2024

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - ChairsLocation: Kalamazoo, United StatesDesigner: Jiangxi Sanyou Furniture Co., LTD., Dallas, United StatesManufacturer:SoloDallas LLC., Dallas, United States

Donut Stool is named after the delightful and sweet pastry that brings joy to every occasion.

A whimsical tribute to this beloved treat, the stool’s cushion offers various pattern selections, seamlessly blending into any setting, whether at home or in a commercial space.

Donut’s design, with its playful and inviting silhouette, captivates from every angle, infusing a warm and friendly ambiance into any situation.

The name “Donut” playfully connects the design to the delicious and universally loved pastry, creating a sense of comfort and happiness in its presence.

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