X50 Stacking Chair

PD22 Winner

Category:Furniture - ChairsLocation:Nagoya Aichi, JapanDesigner:Taku Kumazawa, Aichi Co. Ltd., Nagoya Aichi, Japan Manufacturer:Aichi Co. Ltd., Nagoya Aichi, Japan

The design achievement of the X50 chair is not limited to just the extremely simple yet sophisticated design and elegant material with matte textures. The X50 contains aesthetically four essential factors for the design of a stacking chair in a simple design.

First of all, it must be a comfortable chair. Secondly, it must have a high level of stacking capacity. Thirdly, it must be lightweight to achieve the high-density stacking ability while considering the universal design. Finally, it must contain sustainable elements. The newly developed elastic seat accepts the user’s body distribution and responds to body movements while providing pleasant flexibility and unparalleled cushioning.

The back is also made of developed elastic materials, providing the same comfort. This is a design chair centered on a human’s body, moving as the user moves and providing a customized comfort for anyone, rather than the user’s adjustment of the chair. Amazingly, the chair provides pleasant flexibility using the maximum level of characteristics of the materials without utilizing a mechanism and additional components.

Furthermore, the stacking capacity developed to stack up to 50 high is significantly more than typical stacking chairs. In order to increase the stacking ability, the seat frame has been compressed down to half the original size and the thickness of the seat has been reduced.

This slim construction provides not only incomparable stacking capacity but also an attractive appearance. This aesthetic contrast at the side frame line incorporating two different materials with steel and resin enhances the straight overall design and allows you to create contemporary spaces. An additional benefit of stacking these chairs up to 50 high is their superb geometric design.

While the weight is only 4.5 kg it meets the durability standards of BIFMA and ISO. The lightness of the materials used gives a universal and sustainable design. Having an ecological concept is also central to the design. This is an eco-friendly product limited to three components and 50% of all resin components are made of recycled materials.

The simple construction enables disassembly for recycling all materials and easy maintenance. The X50 is a sustainable stacking chair designed for now and the future, providing universal values such as continuity in aesthetics with a simple comfortable design and friendliness for both humans and the earth.

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