Kaonashi Chair

PD22 Winner

Category:Furniture - ChairsLocation:Ho Chi Minh, VietnamDesigner: Chou Wei Liang, Aditya Cipta Sugandha, and Susi Hartanto, New Elegant Co., Ltd., Ho Chi Minh, VietnamManufacturer: New Elegant Co., Ltd., Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Kaonashi is a dining-sized standalone chair designed as a platform of expression of the chair designs progression. The various style graphics on the surface of Kaonashi is the feature-site for the user to choose based on their personal taste, resembling our everyday chairs that has been around from 19th century until this very day such like the famous Thonet Chair and the Napoleon chairs. Not forgetting the importance of function for the user, a curved back as a lumbar support will help the user to stay comfortable while sitting on long period of time. Metal waveform storage underneath the seating will ease the user in storing or reaching their favourite magazines or novels.

Redefining postmodernism in a furniture by implementing iconic images of the famous chairs from the modernism era into this newly shaped contemporary style chair without overwhelmingly the overall design of the chair itself. The design should look considerably light weight, comfortable, requiring minimum tools and hardware, while maintaining the construction strength to ensure the safety of the user as priority. Providing another function other than a sole expression platform, as the basic function of a chair is to provide comfort and ease of use for the user.

Converting the 3D shapes of iconic parts of classic chairs into 2D graphics and carefully projecting them onto the surfaces of Kaonashi while being mindful to the overall image of the chair as a standalone or a set. By maximizing the benefit of Laminated Veneer Lumber characteristics, the flexibility to create shapes which can follow the morph of human back gives a huge benefit not only in providing more comfort, but also lesser volume of materials used to reach the construction strength needed. This characteristic leads to slim, organic design that still provides enough surface to support the user’s body.

The large portion of space between the slim front and rear legs provides an opportunity for another feature that can benefit the user. By giving a metal storage that is crafted following the organic shapes of the chair, not only providing an extra storage for the user but also indirectly adds more strength to the whole construction. Moreover, considering all kinds of heavy or light items that any user would like to put on the storage, a metal will sustain better than wood.

A new station for the user to sit and relax while enjoying any activity they would like to do, such as reading, watching movies or even working in front of a desk. When the user is done with their books, a storage is ready for them right below where they seat. Kaonashi focuses on ease-of-use, comfort, and serviceability. It consists of only 4 body parts that user can remove and replace if required extending the product lifespan. Main body parts are manufactured with real wood veneer, while the metal storage is long last and recyclable making this whole chair is eco-friendly.

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