The TAURUS coffee table │ 2023

The TAURUS coffee table │ 2023

PD23 Winner

Category:Furniture - Chair UnitsLocation:Atlanta, GA, USADesigner:Tim Keepers and Catherine Schultz, Orchestra ONE Studio, Atlanta, GA USA Manufacturer:Orchestra ONE Studio, Atlanta, GA USA

The TAURUS is a multifunction display coffee table. The multifunction aspect is the result of a pill shaped portion in the center of the table that can be lifted out and used as a serving try or cheese/ charcutier board.

Once the pill tray is lifted out it reveals a well below which can be used as an in-place ice bucket for champaign/ wine or any other drink offering. This well also serves a second purpose and ties into the display aspect of the table as it can be used to contain plants or flowers as well. This creates a beautiful and unique condition where plants/flowers look like they are coming out of the center of the marble top itself.

Last, the original client who commissioned the first table had the astrological sign of Taurus. Because we wanted to tie aspects of this into the table, we decided to take the constellation, and the different sizes of stars within, to create the pattern and sizes of the leg pipes. The constellation, which is originally long and narrow in form, was gathered by pulling the two far edges to the center which then formed a more circular pattern. The stars, and their relative sizes remained correctly adjacent to one another albeit now in a different form.

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