Conics │ 2022

Conics │ 2022

PD23 Winner

Category:Furniture - Urban FurnitureLocation:Bílovice, Czech RepublicDesigner: Herrmann & Coufal, Praha 3 – Žižkov, Czech RepublicManufacturer: mmcité a.s., Bílovice, Czech Republic

Street furniture with augmented functionality. The designers are always looking for new shapes to diversify the public space, and they are also expanding the uses of our site furnishings. The conical concrete body has become the cornerstone of our new Conics range. The conical castings in three sizes transform into multiple functions: table, seat, planter, or bench.

Circular shapes are increasingly popular in outdoor furniture not only for their aesthetics but also precisely because of their greater variability and capacity. Conics seats and benches work well with the steel tables from our Pixel range of products.

For creative solutions, we recommend using HPL which can be supplied with bespoke graphics for the tabletops and seats. An interesting version is also the table with an inner planter, which can be used for planting a tree to create a natural shade. Playing with the cones starts with a simple rotation.


Eduard Herrmann and Matěj Coufal ┃Herrmann & Coufal

Czech design studio founded by two classmates while still studying at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

It started with one school assignment… and beer(s). Since then, the portfolio has expanded by a variety of projects, especially in the field of product design.

They’re all based on a thorough search for balance between purpose and beauty, an emphasis on detail, and courage to go beyond the known boundaries.

Although the creative work often involves an experimental series of trial and error, the resulting products are characterized by lightness and a casual, almost intuitive aesthetics.

Their designs are featured in the collections of leading Czech brands, in urban public spaces, as well as in conceptual art installations.
More works from the designer:

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