SOSPESO Hanging Lamp System

PD22 Winner

Category:Lighting - Ceiling Lighting UnitsLocation:Munich, GermanyDesigner:Mark Zeh, Sonal Studio, Munich, GermanyManufacturer:Sonal Studio, Munich, Germany

The SOSPESO Series disembodies the lamp from traditional electrical fixturing – no thick cords or cables.

The individual lamp shades are suspended from their outer cages by continuous conductive threads which also work to make the lamps almost infinitely positionable. Inspired by classical steel cage lanterns, the protective cages are topped off with hooks, implying portability and flexibility in placement.

The transflective lamp shades allow the internal LED elements to be expressed when they are on. Lenses in the openings of the lamp shades create different diffusion effects above and below the lamps. Uplighting is more diffused, while downlighting is sharper for space definition.

It’s a new expression of converting a power source into the light. The polished metal of the metal elements and the reflective coating on the shades keep the visual scale light when the lamp is not on. The hanging lamp in the SOSPESO Series features individually-directable lighting elements. It is available in a variety of module sizes.

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