Duetto Chandelier

PD22 Winner

Category:Lighting - Ceiling Lighting UnitsLocation:Venice (VE), ItalyDesigner:Claudio Pironi, Claudio Pironi & Partners srl., Forli (FC), ItalyManufacturer:Signoretto Lampadari slr., Venice (VE), Italy

The Duetto chandelier, conceived and developed by Arch. Claudio Pironi recalls the millenary dialogue between Form and Substance, a modern reinterpretation of Murano’s master glassmaker’s craftsmanship. This luminaire is a floating artefact that embodies a revolutionary production process born from a simple gesture: nothing less than the rotation of the classical vertical plane into a horizontal echo, losing gravity by its reduplication. The central element merges the two Murano glass bouquets, and as a bark would in disguise, the metal structure is coated with Briccola wood; obtained from a meticulous procedure, where this unique wood carved by the waters of the iconic Venice lagoons is refurbished and through deception, takes the form of this inestimable artistry.

Each bouquet counts 9 unique handmade flowers as source lights and 33 decorative leaves, for a total of 18 arms and 66 leaves. The electrical cabling system is embedded at the center between two stainless steel perforated plates; these plates feature as portals, bearing the load of each glass component; each plate holds 6 lights G4, altogether 12 elements. Duetto symbolises the sharp contrast between the nobility of Murano Glass and the austerity of wood. As a superb protagonist would, ‘Light’ propagates from the core, reaching the buds and flowers as it expands harmonically in space. A cool white light matched Duetto’s essence, as it complements its contemporary and modern nature casting an unmistakable glow. Each LED light produces a magical and candid glow, creating a statement of its own. It has been designed for ambient lighting but functions as a decorative element altogether.

Besides the fluctuant transparencies of Murano’s glass and the natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits, the shiny reflectance function is granted by an extra polished stainless steel which diffuses the specular components of Duetto. Claudio Pironi’s philosophy behind his creations reflects the alchemy of different cultures and aesthetic refinement, able to blossom into an architecture that evokes alluring wonder.

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