Nora Shelving │ 2023

Nora Shelving │ 2023

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Category:Furniture - Chair UnitsLocation:High Point, North Carolina, USADesigner:Rob Eaton, Davis Design Team, High Point, North Carolina, USAManufacturer:Davis Furniture, High Point, North Carolina, USA

Rooted in simplicity and grace, the Nora Shelving Collection by the Davis Design Team was created to fulfill unique storage and space separation needs through a sleek, modern aesthetic. Sharing the same architectural sensibilities as the Nora Lounge Collection, this shelving encourages designers to incorporate these units through various applications within their interiors. Enriching an environment beyond simple storage, these units seek to become spirited displays in lobbies, private offices, and open spaces.

Creative and visually inspiring spatial division is essential in today’s corporate office environments. Nora Shelving aptly fulfills these needs by providing a novel set of components designed to be mixed and matched to create seemingly endless solutions for their interiors. Simple aluminum extrusions and square connectors establish this collection’s foundation, yet Nora Shelving quickly expands itself through various options for its horizontal and vertical panels.
Combining these components allows Nora to effortlessly become a highly versatile product to play with and explore. Nora Shelving’s framework includes 5/8″ aluminum extrusions which are joined together with matching square connectors, giving the collection its uniquely modern silhouette.
Available in 30+ powder coat colors, Nora’s frame is only the beginning of this product. Slim shelves rest between Nora’s structure and are available in oak, walnut and ash veneers, powder-coated steel or Fenix® innovative materials. Furthermore, the collection boasts a range of customizable spring-activated panels for privacy and acoustics, available in powder-coated perforated metal or upholstered trackable panels, empowering the designer to choose how the piece will not only function but also whether it will blend or pop within their interior.

The collection provides units in one, two, or three shelves wide and three to seven shelves high. Nora Shelving also boasts a range of heights, from 22″ to 86″, encouraging designers to specify it in many ways. The low three-shelf high units function beautifully as an anchor under artwork or floating in the middle of an open office space.

In contrast, taller units may be used as traditional shelving or modern space separators. Furthermore, designers can specify Nora’s perforated metal or upholstered panels on either side of the unit. By alternating these panels on the front and back of a unit, designers can provide contrasting functions on either side of the piece.

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