SHELF N°ONE │ 2023

SHELF N°ONE │ 2023

PD23 Winner

Category:Furniture - Storage UnitsLocation:Bolzano, Alto Adige, ItalyDesigner: Martin Oberhauser - Lead Designer, Florian Prader - Senior Designer, and Nikolaus Von Guggenberg - Junior Product Designer, Studio Oberhauser, Bolzano (BZ), ItalyManufacturer: Progress 3D Innovation, Bolzano (BZ), Italy

SHELF N°ONE is the first concrete 3D printed design object incorporating reinforcement rods directly during the printing process. This advancement marks a breakthrough in all the concrete 3D printing processes available today, especially for powder bed printing-based procedures.

The reinforcement rods can be strategically placed inside the printed object where needed, enabling further weight and space as well as cost and material optimization. Structural stability can thus be further improved and precisely measured and planned throughout the design process.

SHELF N°ONE harnesses the new technology to create a practical yet uniquely stylish and intriguing wine shelf for all wine and design aficionados. The organic design language makes the shelf a unique piece of sculptural furniture, embodying a dynamic and future oriented lifestyle.

Natural shapes and intricate bionic structures emulate patterns present in plants and other living beings, thus revisiting the features of nature which are expressed in the design language of the shelf. The shelf is printed in one piece, providing structural stability and a continuous, very smooth surface.

A clever yet stylish, remotely controllable integrated LED lighting system enhances the presence of SHELF N°ONE in any room or setting, underlining the unique and timeless design of the piece and creating a dramatic play of light and shadows.

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