Decker│ 2021

Decker │ 2021

PD23 Winner

Category:Furniture - Chair UnitsLocation:Seattle, Washington, USADesigner:Cameron Smith, FurnitureSmith, Seattle, Washington, USA and Adam Smith, Product Creation Studio, Seattle, Washington, USAManufacturer:FurnitureSmith, Seattle, Washington, USA

It is a classic and compact dining chair, crafted in solid wood of continuous fluid forms blending the lines between static and ergonomic functions. The design language is biophilic with a strong influence from process, minimalistic but not simplistic, all surfaces are carefully sculptured by function but never unnecessary ornamented.

Addo’s one piece back leg and back rest provides the most comfortable arm rest for a dining situation, with optimal access. The organic shapes allow for a pleasant ergonomic posture and has plenty of rich tactile details to be touched and caressed.


Cameron Smith┃FurnitureSmith

Cameron is the co-founder and CEO of Product Creation Studio, a product development consulting group with a focus developing medtech and life science devices. With clients ranging from technology startups to Fortune 100 medical device companies, Cameron has gained experience working on large consumer centered products.

As an award-winning designer and engineer, Cameron’s talent and mechanical ability offers clients a holistic approach to product development that encompasses strategy, branding, design, and engineering, as well as domestic and international manufacturing.  Cameron leads complicated projects from strategy to production for a wide variety of medical companies, and has extensive experience collaborating with marketing teams on product research and design.

Cameron received his masters in engineering from Stanford’s renowned product design program, and he earned bachelor degrees in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington.

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