Centura System IP20

PD22 Winner

Category:Lighting - Ceiling Lighting UnitsLocation:London, United KingdomDesigner:David Morgan & Freddie Selby-Bennett, Radiant Architectural Lighting Ltd., London, United KingdomManufacturer:Radiant Architectural Lighting Ltd., London, United Kingdom

Centura is a modular, flexible, interior, LED linear lighting system, designed to make complex designs simple. An innovative articulated linkage joint between the modules allows for flexibility along the major axis, so the Centura system can follow curved profiles, encircle columns, domes, and other architectural features, all whilst offering excellent lighting control and uniformity. The system can be surface mounted or can be suspended from the ceiling to create curved linear pendants. Pendants can be easily adjusted along the major axis during the installation process, giving the adaptability to produce perfect illumination, exactly where it’s needed.

The Centura system is also available in bespoke fixed shapes – including curves, rings, ellipses, and straight sections. A wide range of customizable light-engines are available to suit project requirements, including white-light, RGBW, and Tunable-white options. Optics can be used to achieve highly-controlled lit effects. RGBW and Tunable-white light engines can be used in conjunction with Gaggione’s range of 45mm diameter high-performance color-mixing optics.

The Gaggione lens system includes ultra-narrow 8-degree beam and narrow-elliptical beam options. Ambient solutions using arrays of medium-power LEDs with opal diffusers are also available. Uplight, downlight, and amiable side-light options are available. The Centura system is a high-power system and can produce a light output of up to 6,000 lumens per meter, depending on the configuration and type of light-engines specified.

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