Bale Ottoman | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - SeatingLocation:Voula, GreeceDesigner:Lisa Furuland Kotsianis, Lalande Living, Voula, GreeceManufacturer:Lalande Living, Voula, Greece

“Rolling, fertile hills create an undulating landscape basking in the stark high-summer sun. Golden carpets of crops are stretching as far as the eye can see, rising and falling like the chest of a calm sleeper. Hay bales dot the landscape like precious bundles of summer, marking the end of the harvest season.

Bale is a minimally designed ottoman by Lalande, inspired by Mediterranean fields and the rural landscape they belong to. The humble, rectangular hay bale transforms into an elegant piece of seating that is versatile in its concept and eye-catching in its detailing; the traditional sisal baler twine has been replaced with bold real leather straps with buckles. Strict geometries combine with comfort and velvety softness, rendering Bale a wonderful addition to any space.

Comes in two sizes and various colour options.

Handmade in Greece.

Quintessentially sensual and inherently enchanting.

A holistic philosophy of enhanced living, from morning till dusk, and beyond.

Emerging from a sea no one has set eyes upon yet, Lalande is a contemporary brand for elevated living. It’s in the lulling hum of the cicadas at noon. In the rivelets of salt water down a sun-kissed back. In the light dancing through a glass of perfectly chilled white wine. In a well-appointed space that strikes a balance between sensibility and the sensational. Combining Scandinavian simplicity with Mediterranean joie de vivre, Lalande designs a universe of fine furniture, objects, and textiles that hold the necessary space for moments of poetic contemplation, sensory delight, and emotional exuberance.

Swedish Lisa Furuland Kotsianis founded Lalande in 2022, with the vision to combine impeccable aesthetics and Scandinavian minimalism with the indulgent lifestyle and cultural richness of southern Europe, where she resides.

She is the visionary behind Aristot and DockATot, both critically acclaimed global brands of juvenile furniture, known for their award-winning design and high aesthetic appeal.

Living in Lalande: Aspiring and hedonistic, Lalande is more than just an interiors brand. It exemplifies a way of living that is imbued with luxuriant simplicity and sophisticated beauty. Lalande creates furniture, textiles, and objects that turn places into spaces filled with personality and intent. “

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