Take-Out Seating | 2021

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - SeatingLocation: Kalamazoo, United StatesDesigner:Landscape Forms, Kalamazoo, United StatesManufacturer:Landscape Forms, Kalamazoo, United States

Connected seat dining tables are beloved for their hallmark simplicity, but often lack the versatility to create dynamic, adaptable outdoor settings. This is where Take-Out comes in. Designed by Rodrigo Torres, Take-Out expands the scope of the connected seat concept, bringing modern refinement, simplified lines and—most importantly—adaptability to the category.

Light enough to be picked up, arranged and rearranged, Take-Out simplifies the creation of multifunctional outdoor settings, offering a multitude of ways for people to connect through a simple and elegant site furnishing—face-to-face or abreast, for an intimate chat or a large group gathering.


Take-Out is comprised of five different yet intercompatible silhouettes: A single-seater, a double-seater, a triple-seater, and two triple-seaters with wheelchair access on either the left or right side. Take-Out modules are equally suited to stand alone or work together in myriad arrangements.

Placed side-by-side, Take-Out can form a long run of seating and surface for group meals, meetings or brainstorming sessions. Arranged in a grid, Take-Out makes for a lively outdoor café atmosphere. Arranged face-to-face, Take-Out can form an ever-expandable communal picnic table. Standing alone or configured side-by-side, Take-Out offers an elegant way to maximize the usability of edge spaces or spaces abutting walls and dividers.


Take-Out’s minimalist form is designed to maximize its function, comfort and accessibility. Gently curved edges eliminate pressure points on the elbows and behind the knees while also lending Take-Out a warm, welcoming gesture. Easy entry from either side or from behind means no awkward climbing over tablemates. All Take-Out styles feature two convenient bag hooks, while durable nylon glides on the contact points offer enhanced mobility and durability in rearranging.

Take-Out’s square or rectangular table tops and seats are made of sheet steel, while the support frame is comprised of extruded aluminum. All metal is finished with a hard yet flexible polyester powdercoat finish that offers a lively pop of color and resists rusting, chipping, peeling, and fading. Take-Out’s design and component materials are simple, concise and intended to make a compelling visual statement with a strong value proposition.

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