Twigz Collection | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture Location:Toronto, CanadaDesigner:Andrew Jones and Nathalie De Leval Manufacturer:Division Twelve, Toronto, Canada

Twigz is a beautiful carbon neutral café collection, comprised of three products: one café chair, one bench and one rectangular dining table.

The Twigz collection combines minimal-yet-striking silhouettes with soft curving elements that create products that are classic while remaining infused with Division Twelve’s signature fun, playful personality. Twigz is modestly scaled with a light footprint, allowing the pieces to fit within smaller spaces while bringing people together.

Twigz has just the right balance of simplicity, classic proportions and whimsy to enhance and animate indoor and outdoor spaces alike. The Twigz chair has a charming, elegant silhouette and a curved backrest that supports and comforts the user despite its simple frame. The chair’s back legs are also slightly curved, further highlighting that bent metal furniture does not always have to be so rigid – it still has the ability to be refined and subtle, echoing the curves of the user.

The Twigz collection’s signature detail is the construction illusion that the products are created from one seamless piece of metal. This is achieved through blended welds between the rails and the tubular legs of the products. This design detail provides strength to each item, while also adding to the overall beautiful design aesthetic of the collection. This blending construction detail is also present within the Twigz bench and table. The Twigz chair’s steel seat appears to hover above the chair frame, adding to the design’s sense of lightness.

The pieces within the Twigz collection work beautifully together or on their own. The rectangular table model can be used with just chairs, just the bench, or a combination of the two. The Twigz dining table is available in three sizes – 8 seater, 6 seater and 4 seater. The bench is a 2-seater model. The Twigz chair’s seat can be steel or upholstered, and the chair is stackable.

As with all Division Twelve products, the Twigz collection is carbon neutral. To achieve this carbon-neutral status, Division Twelve reduced carbon emissions at every stage of their processes – from design and the materials they used in production, distribution, and end-of-life.

Of course, throughout the life cycle of each product, there is inevitable carbon that cannot be eliminated. Division Twelve completely offsets this remaining carbon with investments in third-party verified carbon offset projects through Bluesource, such as the Francis Biedler Forest Improvement Project.

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