Toru Pendant Light │ 2023

Toru Pendant Light │ 2023

PD23 Winner

Category:Lighting - Ceiling Lighting UnitsLocation:Whakatu, Hawke's Bay, New ZealandDesigner:David Trubridge, David Trubridge Design, Whakatu, New ZealandManufacturer:Conde House Co. Ltd., Whakatu, New Zealand

Toru is inspired by microscopic diatoms. They take more carbon out of the atmosphere than anything else – more than all the world’s tropical rainforests. Through photosynthesis, they liberate enough oxygen for every second breath of humankind. The designers wanted to raise awareness of diatoms by creating a highly sustainable light. Decorative lighting often shows little concern for the environment, using lots of unsustainable materials.

Toru, like all of our lights, is made from renewable bamboo which is a secondary by-product of the food industry. It is a feature piece but ships flat-packed to reduce its freight footprint. The other technical factor is that the light can be installed in two different orientations: vertically or horizontally – effectively two designs in one. It creates unique shadows based on the natural patterns of the diatoms it represents. As with many of our lights, Toru emits a soft dappled shadow for a relaxed atmosphere. Toru brings its natural form indoors.

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