Toilet Seat for people with disabilities | 2024

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Category:Furniture - ChairsLocation:Askeby, DenmarkDesigner:Peter Bysted, ICONO A/S, Askeby, DenmarkManufacturer:ICONO A/S, Askeby, Denmark

Traditional latrine slabs in refugee camps do not enable access by elderly or people with mobility restrictions, including children.

ICONO’s originally presented ideas for improved latrine solutions at the World Humanitarian Summit back in 2016.

The ICONO raised seat latrine add-on is a response to UNICEF’s Request for Proposal for an improved solution that improves sanitation facilities for people with a range of disabilities in refugee camps and rural settlements around the World.

Selected design criteria set by UNICEF:
• A simple and sturdy solution
• Slick surfaces to ensure improved hygiene
• Prevention of fly intrusion
• Reduction of smell
• To be added mounted on standard latrine slabs
• Low weight
• Easy to assemble on-site by non-skilled workers

Following internal tests, working prototypes were tested live – in collaboration with UNICEF – in refugee camps in Northern Angola.

Today, the latrine add-on is a standard product that has helped children and adults I refugee camps among other places in one of the World’s largest refugee camps, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh, and presently in Gaza.

The ICONO solution
A latrine add-on solution consisting of four elements:
– Lightweight and sturdy pre-galvanized steel frame. The frame is easily assembled and fixed to the slab with four screws. The steel frame will endure use all kinds of cleaning and disinfection agents.
– Easy to clean seat/bowl. The combined seat/bowl is simply clicked on the steel frame. The seat is slightly angled forwards, and the seat narrows in the front to secure that the seat is suitable for both children and adults.
– Cover plate for drop holes of existing slabs. The cover plate will help preventing flies and smell intrusion from the pit. It adapts to different sizes of drop holes in existing slabs presently used by aid organisations.
– A self-closing silicone seal with a hydrophobic surface allows faeces to pass into the pit, while smell and intrusion of flies will be reduced.

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