The Callister Floor Lamp │ 2023

The Callister Floor Lamp │ 2023

PD23 Winner

Category:Lighting - Floor Lighting UnitsLocation:Atlanta GA, USADesigner:Tim Keepers, Orchestra ONE Studio, Atlanta, USAManufacturer:Orchestra ONE Studio, Atlanta, GA USA

The Callister floor lamp takes dimensional inspiration from Le Corbusier’s Vitruvian man with the control knob being at the stomach and the head being at the top of the marble disk. The intention of this floor lamp was twofold.

First, to be able to serve as an accent design object that can indirectly cast light into the space that it is in. To do this we opted for a gold coated bulb which casts it light backwards toward the gold plate and marble disk. This allows the light to bounce forward into the room while the openings on either side of the plate allow light to spill backward behind the lamp as well.

The second goal of the design team was to make the marble top appear lighter that it really is by making the body/post of the light seem thin. In this case we chose the stacking of acrylic rods around a gold aluminum center post. This allows you to see the post behind

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