STUMP Bollard

PD22 Winner

Category:Lighting - Outdoor Lighting UnitsLocation:Askeby, DenmarkDesigner:Peter Bysted, ICONO A/S., Askeby, DenmarkManufacturer:ICONO A/S., Askeby, Denmark

STUMP is a lighting design inspired by the certification of the Island of Møn in the southern part of Denmark as a Dark Sky Community. As a place renowned for excellent star watching, residents of the Island are dedicated to maintaining a low level of blinding lighting in the outdoor public and private spaces.

STUMP’s emission of light is non-blinding and dedicated to illuminating parks and paths – just enough to ensure safety and to emphasize the experience of nights own magic. At night the design will present itself with a warm glow on the lamps oxidized cast iron body.

In daylight, it offers an inviting stool to rest on – or just a look at the sunlight and shadows varying on its curvy and organic shape. STUMP is a sturdy, modern, low-energy lighting product that adapts to the environment and appeals to both the eye and heart. The designer, Danish architect Peter Bysted has designed several outdoor lighting products, among these the classic bollard “bysted” produced by Danish lighting company Louis Poulsen.

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