SkyView Table Lamp

PD22 Winner

Category:Lighting - Table Lighting UnitsLocation:California, USADesigner:Eoin Billings, Billings Jackson Design Ltd., London, United KingdomManufacturer:Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems (BIOS), LLC., California, USA

There is no precedent for this type of light fixture. The founder of BIOS, Robert Soler developed light systems to improve Astronaut’s well-being while he worked at NASA.

Inspired by what he learned there; he came up with BIOS SkyBlue circadian technology. The new light spectrum brings biologically optimized light to us for the first time and is proven to improve wellbeing. BIOS had terrific technology, and they recognized the importance of design in its expression. Billings Jackson Design was called in to explore the discoveries from the first principals.

It was important to understand the science and to reflect on the human experience of natural light. The desire was to create a design that expresses the technology in a manner that is commensurate with the scale of the innovation. The first task was to explore and play with the light outputs. Although the BIOS technology can be outputted as white light, the designers were looking for a visual que that relates to nature. They pulled apart Robert’s ingredients. The results were unexpected. The feeling and the experience of the light was profound.

The designers were working on instinct, exploring how this powerful new scientific discovery could be supported, and expressed. Color separation was found to be the key. Robert had been working on how color separation could be seen as an integral part of the product. By separating the colors it was possible to create a product that has a strong visual link to the real experience of the circadian rhythm. This allowed the product to communicate its state and generated an exciting aesthetic. A glass orb with a surreal skyscape.

The illuminated area had to deliver a measured Melanopic lux at various distances. The challenge was to make use of the blown glass material, texture, and surface quality so that it was possible to achieve the desired light quality. The development of the light engine revealed the possibility of creating a homogeneous surface luminance.

The quality of the surface illuminance drives the eye to focus on infinity obscuring the distance to the surface. This creates a seamless gradient of light which allows for seamless color transitions.

The team has created a serene light that achieves an ethereal lighting effect where the view of sunset has been captured and placed on your desk. Not only does it make you feel good, but it’s also good for you.

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