Sensa │ 2023

Sensa │ 2023

PD23 Winner

Category:Lighting - Ceiling Lighting UnitsLocation:Luzern, SwitzerlandDesigner:Jeffrey Ibañez, Impact Acoustic Design Team, Luzern, SwitzerlandManufacturer:Impact Acoustic, Luzern, Switzerland

The discreet design in two sizes makes this luminaire the ideal companion for other acoustic measures such as ceilings or wall coverings. Sensa is specifically designed to meet the most demanding professional requirements.

All the lighting solutions are developed in partnership with the Austrian experts PROLICHT. Together, the designers and manufacturers develop lighting solutions with the highest standards for professional needs. Unique projects need partners who can bring unique ideas to life. Partners, who are willing to go that extra mile to achieve excellence. That is why the design team works together with the Austrian experts PROLICHT to bring our luminaires to the next level.

While Prolicht is responsible for the technology, the design team develops the design and the acoustic performance. Because they want to be fully responsive to the customer’s individual needs, the designers not only offer all 32 colors of the ARCHISONIC® collection, but also 25 colors for the technical components. They are convinced that carefully chosen colors, together with light and acoustic well-being, can make a difference.

Upcycling and life cycle management are the foundation in the product development of the ARCHISONIC® high-performance acoustic absorbers. Instead of extracting new material, the product relies on the upcycling of single-used plastic bottles with a positive carbon footprint. 88 post-consumer PET bottles are used for every square meter of finished material, that is produced in the same traditional way as natural wool felt. ARCHISONIC® is available in 32 carefully curated colors, combined into eight color families.

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