Scoop Ocean Flowerpot

PD22 Winner

Category:Furniture - Urban FurnitureLocation:Hundested, DenmarkDesigner:Julie Storm, Manga Street ApS., Hundested, DenmarkManufacturer:Julie Storm, Manga Street ApS., Hundested, Denmark

The story is hidden in the material of the flowerpot Scoop Ocean and the small pouf Scoopi Ocean.

They are both made from 50% worn-out fishing nets. Used fishing nets that would maybe otherwise have ended up in a landfill, or at worst, as floating ghost nets in our waters. We at Manga Street believe that we as a producing company has an obligation to find new solutions so that plastic does not end up in our marine environments and our Scoop and Scoopi Ocean made from ocean plastic are a symbol that it can be done. Thus is half of Scoop Oceans 15 kgs made from recycled fishing nets, this adds up to 1,64 km of reused fish line ø 4 mm.

This ocean plastic is UV protected and both products can be used for many years.

The Scoop and Scoopi Ocean produced in marine plastic can be, if included in a closed loop after end use, be used again and again for new poufs, flowerpots or other products.

Both Scoop and Scoopi Ocean have been designed by multiple award-winning Danish designer Julie Storm.

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