Salita Outdoor Lounge Collection │ 2022

Salita Outdoor Lounge Collection │ 2022

PD23 Winner

Category:Furniture - Chair UnitsLocation:Miami, Florida, USADesigner:Colin Nourie, Heather Deitch, and Juan Quintana, Collective Ten, Cincinnati, Ohio, United StatesManufacturer:Pavilion Furniture, Miami, Florida, United States

Salita is an outdoor lounge collection designed for the Contract Hospitality market. Salita brings people to the outdoors by providing indoor level comfort in an outdoor environment. It creates spaces for people to come together and work, relax, connect and even social distance if necessary. It encourages healthy and familiar behavior of socialization outdoors as well as provide an alternative setting for those working remotely.

Salita sits strongly in the durable goods category of product design as it is constructed to endure timelessly in function and aesthetics for several decades. Modular cushions can be updated or replaced at will and the sturdy aluminum modular frame can be re-powder coated as needed. In the case of Salita, sustainability was not just about material selections, but about the entire lifecycle of a modern heirloom. Salita offers a warm modern aesthetic with clean lines, large material gestures like the full size handwoven back surround and generous seating proportions. It is architectural in scale but creates an intimate physical interface for the outdoor environment which is to be enjoyed.

Salita provides an appealing mix of materials, from the textural woven surround to the premium finish on the sculptural legs to the soft, inviting shapes of the cushions. Its generous soft forms serves to welcome the user to sit as well as to soften the typically geometric background architectural environment. Salita represents the largest single collection of outdoor furniture that Pavilion has ever created, but it was developed in a shorter time to market due to the smartly designed inherent modularity.

The designers addressed the entire lifecycle of the collection from production to shipping to installation to repair and finally to reclamation at the end of the life cycle. Salita represents the launching of a new future direction for the brand with sustainable, elevated smart modern design. One year out from the launch, Salita is the number one selling product in the Pavilion’s portfolio.

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