PUC Contract Chair │ 2021

PUC Contract Chair │ 2021

PD23 Winner

Category:Furniture - Chair UnitsLocation:Altheim, AustriaDesigner:Michael Spindler and Georg Kaserer, arge2 studio for design, Munich, GermanyManufacturer:Wiesner-Hager Möbel GmbH, Altheim, Austria

PUC a versatile all-rounder for all ranges of contract architecture – as a row chair as well as solitaire in the office and everyday life. Usually, multi-purpose chairs are characterized by a multitude of functions they have to fulfill. With PUC it was our goal to hide the functional complexity. This is achieved by a small detail with a big effect, the lateral formations on the seat shell.

On the one hand, these shapes enable a flowing link and transition from the shell to the frame, the chair appears compact as one piece. On the other hand, the shapes take over a number of functions or integrate them almost invisibly. These expanses serve for instance as: – stacking guide for vertical stacking with a defined stacking support (no additional support elements required) – compact integration of adaptive row connector elements – Inclusion of seat and row numbering – Accommodating optional armrest PUC stacks vertically. Therefore, he’s characterized by a typical A-shaped frame.

The slim metal frame of high-quality steel tubs makes PUC light and extremely robust – ideal for rapid assembly and disassembly of row seating. The interlinking system embedded underneath the lateral widening of the seat shell, also provides integrated panic protection. When linking, the twisted chair gets rotated via linking element into the neighboring chair and securely fixed in place. PUC can be linked and stacked intermixed – with and without armrests.

The optional seat and row numbers can be clipped on without tools. PUC also makes no compromises when it comes to seating comfort. The special geometry of the seat shell and the generous seat width ensures pleasant ergonomic seating. The broad seat shell also means that the linked seats are separated only by a narrow gap, the chair row forms a closed, homogeneous ensemble.

During the development, special emphasis had to be placed on competitiveness in terms of low costs, especially in the case of large numbers of auditorium seats. Despite the many features, PUC appears unagitatedly timeless and pleasantly suitable for everyday use, a piece of furniture that enriches the room’s atmosphere.


Michael Spindler Georg Kaserer┃arge2 studio für design München

arge2 in Munich is a design studio with a focus on product design and product graphics.

Georg Kaserer and Michael Spindler have been working together on a wide variety of projects since 1995 from high-end carbon cross-country ski boots to wooden chairs and hotel furnishings.

Georg Kaserer studied industrial design at the HFG Linz and worked in Antonio Citterio’s design studio in Milan from 1990-91. There he worked on projects for Vitra and Kartell. Since 1991 he has been designing capital goods for mechanical engineering in the “Suthmann design” team.

Michael Spindler studied industrial design at the HFG Pforzheim and the University of Illinois in Chicago.
Before founding his own office, he worked in the “Industrial Products” design office in Munich,
where he designed various consumer and office furniture products for international companies.

More works from the designers: www.arge2.de

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