OLALA Outdoor Furniture

OLALA Outdoor Collection

PD22 Winner

Category:Furniture - Urban FurnitureLocation:Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Designer:Normand Couture Design, Bolton West, Quebec, CanadaManufacturer:Couture Jardin LLC. Co., Ltd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

OLALA Outdoor Collection has just been launched at an international tradeshow.

While it has been designed for outdoor, it is clear that it also has an indoor appeal which gives even more uniqueness when viewed outdoor!

OLALA rounded shapes bring an immediate visual comfort rarely seen outdoor, such a natural shape is eye candy at first sight however there is also a lot of substance to the product. A distinctive construction has been used in this product to ensure long-term use.

The frame is fully made of 100% recyclable aluminum and nylon sheeting, thanks to a fully waterproof fabric it is possible to use foams that are produced with less harmful chemicals while offering great comfort and longevity. The cord used to cover the back structure is made of high-quality woven polyester and woven PVC, fully weather resistant and colorfast ensuring years of trouble-free use.

A main feature of OLALA is a 45% reduction for each piece, except the ottoman, of the space needed for packaging, back structures, back cushions, and tables neatly fit inside the frame; what this means, using only 55% of the usual space needed therefore saving resources. The designer’s goal was for OLALA to have a state-of-the-art construction concealed in a sensuous shape

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