Lớp Sculptural Lighting | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Lighting - Table LightingLocation:Di An, VietnamDesigner:Thomas Vincent, Bằng, Thu duc (Ho Chi Minh), VietnamManufacturer:Bằng, Di An, Vietnam

Thomas creative process starts with constraints. The first ones are the “realities constraints” such as: certifications, costing, production to packaging, without forgetting the product life end.

For the creative process, he formulates a “creative constraint” (a problem to solve).

This kind of problem formulation opens possibilities, as it doesn’t imply any shapes, colors, trends direction. It can be difficult to break away from those to create something new and personal.

It’s based on the sentence that he starts sketching, aming to find technical solutions that can:
1 – answer the problem: something floating into something
2 – be manufactured in their in-house workshops
After sketching he found the solutions:
– the something floating will be a sphere
– the within something will be layers

It answers his “creative constraints”, it can be manufactured in-house, and the “realities constraints” can be managed.

Now that he had a shape, and a general aesthetic, time to choose the materials. The layers had to be transparent in order to show that the sphere is floating within them, hence he chose acrylic.

The sphere had to be opaque, so the product is visually readable/understandable. (a clear sphere within transparent layers is too messy visually, hard to understand). So he chose matte opal glass to contrast with the clear acrylic.

Regarding the light source, using a LED integrated solution was out of question as it requires a professionnal to fix it. On the other hand anyone can find and replace a bulblight. So the bulblight solution was chosen.

The assembly of the Lớp lamps simply uses common existing hardware such as nut, threaded rods, opal glass.

The acrylic layers use acrylic sheets from the industry, nothing special.

“Doing with what they have” is one of Thomas motto. Always aiming to avoid investing in costly tooling.

More constraints, more creativity!

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