Loewen Table | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - TablesLocation:Abbotsford, CanadaDesigner:studiopmw, Vancouver, CanadaManufacturer:Lock & Mortice, Abbotsford, Canada

Two stones. Two boards. A perfect fit.

Inspired by the Twin Sister peaks of British Columbia, known as Lion’s Gate, Loewen Console is entirely structured by geometry, gravity, and a peaceful unity. It is as robust and stable as it is elemental. Designed to quietly define space, it can be cut to almost any length. Options include a range of stone and wood selections and matched stone book-ends.

Loewen Console can fit many domestic and commercial settings, ranging in length from three to nearly twelve feet. It is excellent for open spaces that call for elegant touches. Books, sculptures, flower arrangements, and other artefacts find pride of place on Loewen Console. It also has the music enthusiast in mind. It’s weight and stability make it the perfect support for a turntable. Its lower shelf exactly fits LPs, and the hidden cable channel makes it possible to display high-end electronics without the unsightly presence of wires.

The structural integrity of Loewen Console is a matter of form, material, and gravity. The vertical stone pieces are asymmetrical pyramidal forms. The wood planks are precisely cut to let in the stones to specified depths. The weight of the wooden plank and rigidity of the stone create an extremely strong mechanical connection that resists movement in all directions.

It is customary to finish stone with various techniques such as flaming, leathering, and polishing, all of which result in relatively imprecise surface dimensions. To achieve the geometric interlock, a different technique was required. Mill Rustication is a technique invented for this piece to achieve precision and regularity while creating a unique quality. It involves controlling the step-over process of the stone cutting mill to precise and repeatable dimensions. The tool marks, lightly sanded, create a textural corduroy that is both pleasantly tactile and reliably precise.

Every aspect of Loewen Console, including material, form, and manufacturing technique, is integral to its function and beauty. The shape of the stone is both structurally functional and gestural, directing the eye outward with their slope, extending the horizontality of the piece. The wood is as plain and direct as it can be, dimensioned to the precise requirements of structure and use. Form does not follow function, nor the reverse. Form, function, and material are one unified expression.

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