Lino Ceiling Lamp | 2023

PD24 Winner

Category:Lighting - CeilingLocation:Oceanside, United StatesDesigner:A-Light, Oceanside, United StatesManufacturer:A-Light, Oceanside, United States

Lino is purposefully designed to be more than just a regular linear luminaire. Boasting sleek, clean lines without any external hardware, Lino delivers an appearance that won’t disrupt a space’s design intent. Using a self-sealing lens design with magnetic endcaps, A-Light’s design team sought to create a small housing that enables Lino to seamlessly integrate into both interior and exterior environments.

With rigorous testing to receive an IP66 rating for complete protection against dust and water ingress, Lino is intended for different applications within a given project. Various suspended and surface mounting options allow for a consistent design aesthetic across a space’s architecture.
Pushing boundaries beyond its linear form, a hub connector joins fixtures together for bespoke patterns. L-,T-, or X-corners, as well as extended length options for continuous runs, give Designers the opportunity to create configurations.

Adding to its versatility, Lino offers direct illumination with distribution types that meet different light needs (batwing, louvers, Lambertian, wall grazer or asymmetric). Designers may even choose indirect illumination with a mullion block mounting option.

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