Inori Modular Library

PD22 Winner

Category:Furniture - StorageLocation:Tavulia (PU), ItalyDesigner:Setsu & Shinobu Ito, Milan (MI), ItalyManufacturer:Fiam Italia srl., Tavulia (PU), Italy

INORI is the world’s first and only modular library consisting entirely of glass, from shelves to upright supports. In Japan, there is a “ Kamidana,” a shelf for worshipping eight million gods that dwell in nature. In other words, shelves and libraries are not only for decorating books and objects but also for sacred places to celebrate the spirit of the objects. “INORI” in Japanese means to offer “prayer” to the gods who live everywhere in nature.

INORI, which is made entirely of glass, which is a natural material, is a truly next-generation sustainable product that enshrines the spirit of the gods, books, and objects that live in nature. The curved glass supports, which are an important element of this library, are inspired by the appearance of a hand when a person prays. When two of these hand-shaped support plates are combined, it becomes a pose like a person praying, and the object displayed between the two plates is sacredly enshrined.

The whole unit, which is made entirely of glass, is full of transparency and allows light to pass through. It is suitable for constructing a place or space that sacredly complements the objects that decorate it. The curved glass support plate is made by Fiam Italia’s special moulding technology, and it is a structure that supports this library, and at the same time, it can be moved lightly in combination with an extruded aluminum rail attached to the fore edge on the back. The user can freely configure the position and angle.

Shelves include not only transparent glass, but also a glass of various colors and specifications, various types of wooden shelves, and a wide variety of sizes. Due to the elements being made of ecological natural materials, their versatile, free and abundant composition, specifications, and sizes, users can create a library space with individuality and personalized to suit their own space and their own sacred, beautiful, fun, and natural requirements.

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