Home Office Openable Desk

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Category:Furniture - Office/Home DesksLocation:Osaka, Japan Designer:Toshihiko Suzuki, Atelier OPA Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan Manufacturer:Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd., Osaka, Japan

HOME OFFICE is a suitcase-type openable study. Roll the casters, open them wherever you like, bring in your usual chair, and have a private space with a desk, bookshelf, and dividers. The neutral texture of the aluminum honeycomb panel creates an environment where you can easily concentrate on your work and hobbies.

YODOKO+ is a design brand to create a life of New Normal for people who work online and in various places. Function HOME OFFICE is equipped with casters for easy movement, ample storage space, a key to protecting important documents and equipment, and a hook on the side for hanging bags and hangers.

There are three round holes on the shelf for the power cord to pass through, allowing neat wiring. Factory of HOME OFFICE HOME OFFICE consists of a high-quality aluminum honeycomb panel with a three-layer sandwich structure. The honeycomb panel with a thickness of 6 mm was developed to house artificial satellites. Akihito Mori of J-honeycombs Co., Ltd. has been a leader in developing aluminum honeycomb panels for 30 years.

He has independently developed a particular machine for cutting honeycomb cores and a press machine for evenly adhering honeycomb panels, enabling high-precision machining. From artificial satellites, robots, liquid crystal semiconductor devices, and medical equipment to aluminum furniture, he meets the demands for weight reduction and rigidity of all aluminum.

Designer of HOME OFFICE Toshihiko Suzuki is an Architect, designer, and Professor at the School of Architecture at Kogakuin University. He crosses the realm of objects and space from two perspectives: 201carchitectural furniture: furniture that combines architectural functions201d and 201cmobile architecture: architecture that is mobile like furniture.201d HOME OFFICE creates a study of when and where you need it. HOME OFFICE, which he designed, is the former architectural furniture because it makes a place surrounded by architecture while being furniture such as a desk and a bookshelf. HOME OFFICE is an assembly type and comes with instruction and assembly instructions. It opens up to 120 degrees with a stopper.

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