Fludd Ceiling Light | 2019

PD24 Winner

Category:Furniture - StorageLocation:Milano (MI), ItalyDesigner:Scandurra Studio Architettura, Milano (MI), ItalyManufacturer:Cini&Nils, Villongo (LB), Italy

Fludd is more than just a decorative object, it is a lamp designed inspired by the mystery of luminous alchemy that the name itself highlights, in memory of physician and philosopher Robert Fludd.

Fludd reveals itself to the user as a presence-absence, expressed by a suspended light disc containing a source that offers an enveloping, three-dimensional effect. The concept behind this creation pursues the ultimate goal of enhancing the light element in such a way as to channel, define and diffuse light to its fullest potential.

Fludd possesses two coexisting souls: the outer shell is presented as a thin slab that houses the luminous fulcrum, like a transparent halo that blurs the outer boundaries to leave room for the more defined body of the source, the pulsating life of the product.

Its aesthetic simplicity returns an effect of extreme lightness, capable of forming a new domestic space, thanks to the homogeneous diffusion of light that is transformed into an iconic and almost immaterial symbol.

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