CUIABA │ 2023

CUIABA │ 2023

PD23 Winner

Category:Lighting - Floor Lighting UnitsLocation:Maldegem, BelgiumDesigner:Didier François, Signature Design Concepts, Gent, BelgiumManufacturer: DARK Studio, Maldegem, Belgium

A stunning fixture made from an alabaster core. When lit, the alabaster provides a beautifully diffused light and displays a fascinating marbled texture. This Alabaster core is presented in a fumed glass sphere, which creates a unique atmosphere in the room.

As a refined detail, the fixture is equipped with two leather straps running along the sphere, resulting in a classy unit. A complete family of fixtures. Both suspended, as a floor lamp and table lamp. Combined in some cases with an up- or down-light LED.

The pendant version features a downward spotlight, unlike the standing lamp, which is provided with an upward spotlight. Definitely a mood maker in the room and a classic in the make!


Dark Studio

DARK was founded in 2000 by Marnick Smessaert.
Dark is a project driven by passion.

Passion for design, innovation and lighting. And it’s a passion that has paid off.

The products by DARK are sold in over 43 countries and DARK has landed 81 International design awards to date. DARK works with numerous external designers from Belgium and abroad. Its think tank, offices and production facilities are based in Belgium. DARK is anything but grey. You love it or hate it!

And its army of converts only continues to grow. The proof is in the many national and international references and widespread acknowledgement as the leading trendsetter in lighting.

DARK is an incubator for creative ideas that have given rise to original light fixtures, chandeliers, sculptures and lighting concepts. DARK is about experimenting.

By combining colors, incorporating precious materials, adding elegant details and focusing on pure forms.

DARK has created an original, innovative range that can be applied in countless interiors. In a nutshell, architectural vision with healthy dose of mischief.

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