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Category:Furniture - Seating UnitsLocation:Zurich, SwitzerlandDesigner:Alex Leuzinger, STUDIOFORMA, Zürich, SwitzerlandManufacturer:STUDIOFORMA, Zürich, Switzerland

The Clodette chair deduces from memories of childhood, precisely of a time in which everything around one appears humongous such as tables that were too high, chairs too big, sofas too low and so on. Through this vast amplitude, one feels encapsulated or rather protected and free.

The spherical chair has an oversized form that aims to take its users back to a younger time when furniture felt just as big. It is made up of several segments that are placed together to form a sphere. The front of the sphere is removed of these segments to make a seat, back and armrests.

Clodette is upholstered in a soft, white fabric that complements the chair’s cloud-like form. The soft appearance is additionally an allusion to when you would stare at the sky and the clouds seemed to have had the most incredible shapes, you started having the wildest, yet facile and carefree imaginations.


Alex Leuzinger┃Studio Forma

Alex Leuzinger is of Swiss-Italian origin. He studied architecture at the well-established Swiss university for science and technology ETH Zurich. At the tender age of 30, along with his former business partner, he founded the globally operating architecture and design studio STUDIOFORMA, with headquarters in the heart of Zurich. After several years of pleasant collaboration, Alex bought the company shares of his former business partner.

Alex is a contributing editor for the GMT Magazine, for which he reflects his hedonistic approach of design and aesthetics by comparing architectural monuments to luxury watch designs. He has a strong preference for contemporary art and illustrations, referring Jean-Michel Basquiat, CJ Hendry and Takashi Murakami among his favourite artist and painters. Alex is an active member of various noteworthy clubs, with eminently respectable members, such as the Lions Club Zurich, Real Estate Club Switzerland, Zunft zum Stauffacher and FIABCI Suisse.

Today, Alex is the sole proprietor of STUDIOFORMA and is ready, together with his team, to continue embracing the complexity of today’s world and successfully conquering the challenges of its standards.

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