Chokoreto │ 2023

Chokoreto │ 2023

PD23 Winner

Category:Furniture - Chair UnitsLocation:Ho Chi Minh, VietnamDesigner:Chou Wei Liang and Aditya Cipta Sugandha, New Elegant Co., Ltd., Ho Chi Minh, VietnamManufacturer:New Elegant Co., Ltd., Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Chokoreto is a standalone compact-size-accent-chair designed with an aim to be the head-turner and a conversation starter for any welcomed guests.

The designers wanted to use TPU or Thermoplastic polyurethane. It is an elastic, reflective, and multi color material that is uncommon to be applied for the cushion seat and backrest cover. Arranged together with the hexagonal shape of the back and seat, the shimmering cushions not only provide comfort for the user but also creates an illusion of a sweet gold chocolate bar that many people are attracted to.

Further exploration of the Laminated Veneer Lumber that New Elegant team specialized at, the designers create unique forms of separate three layers of bentwood to connect the backrest and the seat. This distinctive multi-layer formation with various finishes, not only gives a new kind of aesthetic but also provides stronger flexibility for the backrest.

The chair legs are made of one large Oak veneer bentwood cut in multiple angles. This method forms the whole legs appear narrow on the back and offer an illusion of a chair dynamically moving towards one direction.

Moreover, these fifteen-degree angled legs will pull in the user to the concave padded back giving the user maximum comfort. Keeping the tradition of New Elegant team to give user as many features, the wire metal storage underneath can be purposed as a medium for books, magazines, or newspapers depending on the user’s need.

Additionally, this storage functions as a structure to prohibit the chair legs from spreading out. The designers chose polished brass for design accents applied on the feet and storage area to embrace the unique color of the cushion equally emphasize the multi-tone of the chair to increase the attractiveness.

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