Ale BE Table Lamp

PD22 Winner

Category:Lighting - Table Lighting UnitsLocation:Bergamo (UD), ItalyDesigner:Enzo Catellani, Catellani & Smith Srl., Bergamo (UD), ItalyManufacturer:Catellani & Smith Srl., Bergamo (UD), Italy

The hemisphere is the distinctive element of the Ale line, available in four different models: battery, ceiling, wall, and table.

With battery function, Ale BE T is a portable table lamp and its circular base integrates the socket for recharging it. Supported by two electrified V-shaped rods, the hemisphere that houses a COB LED light source and can rotate to adjust lighting is characterized by the ironic detail of an insect resting on top of it.

Ale BE T is available in white or black, as well as in a lively fluorescent finish and in a combination of primary colors blue, yellow and red.

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